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Spring Has Sprung!

Logan L Johnson
5 years ago

1st daffodil bloom:

Prunus Salicina starting to bloom:

Grape Hyacinths are starting to bloom: (This one was a volunteer that I found today and moved to a new spot)

'Dr. Huey' Roses Leafing Out:

The one below was started from a cutting, it sat in water until it rooted (planted last spring)

Another heirloom rose (unsure of ID) leafing out:

Multiflora Rambling Rose (NOT THE INVASIVE, it's a hybrid) leafing out

Rose of Sharon starting to leaf out: (looks yellow in the photo, it's actually light green)

Weeping Prunus Avium leafing out:

I will continue in another thread Lol, it won't let me add any more photos

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