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Remembering the Hybrid Perpetuals

7 years ago

Not many of these left in the new garden. I have trouble warming up to them. They do require attention to do well. Plus they take up a large space. Most of my roses are the Kordes ones now. They just get along with what they do and don't whine about it. Please excuse the spelling if wrong.

Alfred Colomb a Hybrid Perpetual

Anna de Diesbach a Hybrid Perpetual

Mrs. Paul a Bourbon large fragrant, beautiful blooms

Variegata di Balogna a Bourbon for BS lovers only

Jenny Duval a Hybrid Perpetual one of the best behaved

Madame Boll a Hybrid Perpetual a small no problem rose

Ferdinand Pichard never causes any problems

Baron de Bonstetten a Hybrid Perpetual a favourite

Enfant de France a Hybrid Perpetual and one of the best

American Beauty a Hybrid Perpetual. that never stopped moaning about having to grow in the PNW

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