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Move browser Info to Newer Computer?

7 years ago

I scrounged up a newer desktop computer. It was reloaded with Win7. My old, tired and probably unverified desktop is also Win 7. I had recently asked if it was possible to move MS Office without disc and everyone pointed out that there were too many varied files to easily move it. The newer machine was also loaded with Starter MS Office; a basic Word and Excel version. It will do for the time being.

I plan to move the Win Live Mail and figure out how to use another mail program to transfer my Outlook Mail account. Then the main files would be pictures etc. where I should be able to move complete folders.

QUESTION is about browser passwords. I mainly use Firefox. I see that I can carry passwords between devices; I hadn't bothered before and probably wouldn't normally. It appears to require setting up a Firefox account. I guess I could do that, but is there another way to move the passwords and other similar things if there are any obvious ones?? Are there any other obvious things about general file moving between machines I should watch for?

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