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Looking for Sliding Door / French Door Hybrid

I have an older home with sliding doors in back that I want to replace with something that is more energy efficient. At the same time, I also want to make it possible to open up the full width of the opening, to make it easier to move large items in and out of the home. I could go with a French door, but the problem with these is I do not have room to open them internally. If I get doors that open externally, this exposes the hinges to an intruder, which makes it easier for a thief to get in.

What I am wondering is does any vendor make a hybrid sliding/swinging door? If opening from the right side, inside the home, the door would slide on its track to the left side. Then - on the rare occasions you need the extra space, the stationary door and opened right door would unlatch from the track and swing inside the home as a regular French door would. This configuration would give me the convenience of a sliding door, together with the occasional utility of a French door that gives a very wide opening into the home. Does anything like this exist?

I am aware of the NanaWall system of accordion folding doors - which are gorgeous - but the price on these is ridiculous. For a small 7 x 7 opening the hardware alone was $7K. I think they are focused on the cost-is-no-object-this-is-my-dream-home market, and that is not my application.

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