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French Doors vs. Glass Sliding Doors

15 years ago

We are in the early stages of building our house (masons start block work on Monday - yay!) and I got to thinking today about out back door. The plans that we had drawn have French doors in the dining area of our great room opening onto the back porch. I've always pictured French doors there b/c I think they'd be so pretty, opening up to our wooded back yard.

However, in the spring and fall I love to open up the house and enjoy the fresh air. I don't enjoy flies, though, and we have them in abundance. My parents' house has a glass sliding door with a screen, which is fabulously functional but not very pretty. This is our forever home, and I want it to be both functional and attractive.

I guess my question is, why do I never see glass sliding doors used in newer homes? Am I just not looking in the right places? Anyone care to weigh in on one side or the other?

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