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2 windows and double french doors vs 4 panel sliding doors

Colleen Bear
3 years ago
last modified: 3 years ago

We are building in a small community of 28 semi-custom homes. The builder is known for his high quality and stylish homes (avg. home price is in the 700's.) He uses Jeld-Wen windows exclusively.

I'm a little worried though because I've read previous reviews about their products and they are daunting! Hoping (naively) to get different opinions! The current floor plan calls for 2 windows and double french doors out to a screened porch (picture is of the same floor plan in somebody else's home under construction):

We thought it would be great to change it to a 4-panel sliding patio door to increase air flow and floor space. It would look like this:

I was looking for thoughts on style but then read some pretty horrific reviews on Houzz about Jeld-Wen. I know my builder works with them directly (vs through HD/Lowes) so I won't have to deal with them myself. But what about quality? I am praying not all Jeld-Wen products are created equal. Not sure I have a choice but interested to hear your opinions. (I believe the door model is the Premium Vinyl (v-4500) 4 panel multi-slide.)

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