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Pass through between kitchen and outdoor grill area

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Does anyone have a pass through between the kitchen and an outdoor grill area? Any hints on getting it right? It'll be under a small covered porch, so it'll have some protection from the elements.

I'm thinking of something similar to this it'd be on a side wall, and this window's probably about the size:

I think I like the idea of a small counter like this one -- would be handy for moving things in /out. But I don't think it needs to be large; I'm not thinking of this as an eating area.

This picture shows a sliding window -- do you think that's best? I like the fact that you could slide the window without disturbing food either in the kitchen or on the ledge outside. A beachfront condo we rented once had a door like this picture -- okay, it was a door, and we're talking about a window, but the concept is the same. I liked it, but I know they're expensive, and it doesn't seem like the kind of thing you use on a small window.

But then, this is more like a set of shutters, and they'd lay flat against the house instead of poking out:

Or this set-up, which brings the shutters inward?

Must this window match the other windows in the kitchen? They will be nextto one another, so I'm thinking yes.

What kind of window treatments would work with this pass-through?

I'd like the window to be open-able (open-able?) from either inside or outside.

Thanks for the help.

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