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new pass through dilemma

11 years ago

the wall between the kitchen and eating area will have the pass through so people can sit there instead of congregating in the kitchen aisle, which in turn will preserve my mental health.

the pass through starts at 52" off the exterior wall.

we've realised that the best place to add the pellet stove we've been talking about is in that corner in the eating area.

btw, it's extra seating, the dining room is a few steps away.

the kitchen is small with the aisle between the mud room and great room always clogged with people, which is why the pass through was going to be so good.

carp, now i have to think of a way to maintain my counter seating and have the pellet stove there.

the pellet stove looks like a little woodstove and is 27" across and will be installed diagonally in the corner.

therefore i'll only have 2' of clearance there.

bah, back to the drawing board. again.


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