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Advice needed for a Pass Through LR to Closet

11 years ago

Our new laundry room will have a pass through to my closet. Dirty laundry will just be pushed through to laundry side and clean laundry pushed right back to my closet. Grins!

Advice is requested. The size of (current) pass through is the size of a doorway. The laundry room side will have a counter crossing right over the door sized pass through.

GC recommended a bottom opening so we can just push the baskets back & forth with our foot. I'm partial to having it counter top height to limit bending over. There will be some kind of door to prevent excess humidity from the closet. A clothes rod going through the pass through was also recommended but it would interfere with the door.

Any ideas? Anybody have a pass through already? I'd love any recommendations please!

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