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When a favorite article of clothing bites the dust.....

6 years ago

We've all been there. That sweater, the one that makes you feel good, and has a great back story, looks good, goes with everything; it suddenly begins to show its age. And you know. It's time. It's going. And so you start thinking about new items coming into your wardrobe to fill that gap. But there is nothing out there.

This is my husband's plight. In the early years of our marriage my husband received many sweaters from my side of the family as gifts. Christmas and B-day's that's what he got. Until he cried uncle and they started giving him other things. As a result he had many, truly lovely sweaters. But we've been married 25 years and, age and the fact that our two son's are now his size has resulted in a severe sweater deficit. He requested more cotton sweaters this year.

But, oh my, where does one buy nice men's sweaters nowadays? I am loathe to go to the mall(I am not a shopper). I went to nearby outlets but didnt see anything I loved at J Crew, Brooks Brothers, or American Eagle. Do I have to go to the mall?

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