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Cross post, refrigerator help, please

I posted in the appliances forum, but thought I would try here too.

We are moving into a lovely new home with a brand new kitchen. Sadly, whoever did the ktichen design made the total rookie error of placing the refrigerator space at the end of a cabinet run, immediately next to the wall. So there are cabinets to the left, enclosed refrigerator space, then wall to the right. This creates problems with opening the refrigerator door all the way, of course.

The kitchen does not come with a refrigerator so I am now refrigerator shopping. All other appliances are kenmore and stainless steel. The cabinets are white. The opening for the refrigerator is 37.5 inches wide and 24.5 inches deep. I don't have the height handy, but we did measure it and every refrigerator I have looked at fits height wise so it's not a constraint.

Given the wall situation, I think the refrigerator must be a single door (meaning no French doors) and the hinge must be on the left so we can open the door completely. I prefer something that doesn't stick out terribly far, especially if the refrigerator is stainless and has those dreadful black sides. I prefer bottom freezer, but that's not a must. There are definitely budget constraints. I'd like to stay at $1000 or less, but could consider stretching to $1500. I'm not coming up with the perfect answer, unfortunately.

So far, I have found a top freezer LG


It is 30 1/4 inches wide and 27 3/4 inches deep without handle. It is faux stainless and ajmadison has it priced at $719.

A bottom freezer Fisher Paykel


It is 31 3/32 wide and 27 3/8 deep. Ajmadison has it priced at $1999. Ouch.

The bottom freezer GE artistry in white


It is 29.75 inches wide and 34.125 inches deep without handle. So really deep, but some of that may be the curved front? And it is white so it wouldn't have the dreadful black sides. I think it would look okay since it has stainless handles? Sears has it priced at $1199.

What am I missing? It seems like there ought to be more options that fit this space. Maybe my searches are messed up somehow?

All feedback and suggestions appreciated!

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