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Can we talk about Corelle?

7 years ago

Do you have it, and what's your opinion of it?

I'm thinking of buying a set - or possibly just plates and bowls (don't need the mugs that come with the sets), as DH has complained that the dishes I recently picked up at Home Goods get suspiciously hot in the microwave and he suspects they aren't really safe to use.

I sold my Fiesta to a friend, so I'm "out of the Fiesta biz", so to speak.

My new Mikasa stoneware dishes have arrived and I absolutely love them, but I think DH is a bit intimidated by them and their newness and would be more comfortable using something on a daily basis such as Corelle.

Seems like I've read that the new stuff is perhaps not as durable as older Corelle - ? I know I can get "vintage" pieces on eBay. What would your suggestion be for someone who has never owned this brand, but would like to try it?

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