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Can we talk about kitty litter?

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Here is the back story: I ended up with an older Tuxedo cat who needed a home a couple months ago. I could not bear to see her out over the winter. She was owned by a neighbor who moved away and rented out her house, with a plan for the tenant to care for the cat. The cat had other ideas and decided to become homeless, with the assistance of kind people in the neighborhood who fed her and made outside cat houses for her. So now she is here with me, 15 years old and with a mind of her own, so not like the dogs I am used to. She is an indoor-outdoor cat, always has been. I'm basically a B&B for her, unless the weather is bad. She spends the night on my bed, has breakfast and then heads out for the day, stopping back in for a drink of water once or twice before evening.

So can you cat experts help me with a few things? Cats sure are not like dogs.

I have been using Fresh Step litter, which when combined with urine, sticks like glue to the bottom of the litter box. Is there a better litter to use or a better litter pan to use? I upgraded to a heavy duty scooper, but it is like chiseling wood to get the soiled litter out of the box. Oddly, she never poops in the house. I assume she does that outside. I have been reading about pine litter. Does anyone use that?

Nail clipping. She loves sitting on my lap but barely allows me to touch her. I have had her nails trimmed twice. It is expensive ($22) and traumatic for the cat who has to be tricked into a carrier to go to the vet.

I have watched YouTube videos on nail trimming and there is NO WAY any of those techniques are going to work. I have experienced her wrath and have the scars to prove it. Yet I have to get the nails under control because she grabs my ankles with them to get my attention.

I'm considering getting a cat blindfold to aid in cutting the nails at home. Has anyone used one of these?

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