Are the construction scraps safe for my kids to play with?

Fam of6
4 years ago

Hey guys - in the process of building and we have tons of lumber scraps from all the framing. Some of them are the perfect size for building blocks, so we kept them ALL to sand down for the kids to play with. My health-nut sister-in-law freaked out when she heard that we had let the kids help us collect all the scraps and said there are harmful chemicals in lumber and they should definitely not even touch the scraps. Is this true? I can't always trust what she says because she freaks out over everything - she's over the top, like doesn't use store-bought deodorant, soap, toothpaste, OTC medicine, etc. But definitely don't want to hand our kids toxic toys either. (We planned on giving half of what we sanded down to the kids' schools for small class projects)


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