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Kids Play Stream/Creek ~ Advice Please !!

9 years ago

Greetings !! I have made a smallish very natural looking wildlife /frog pond in my backyard that I really enjoy. It has a pump with small waterfall.

I would like to create a short section of shallow, meandering stream to go in front of my kids sand play area and would like it to be something very natural looking but that they can play and splash in during hot weather.

I am wondering how the best way to go about this is ? Should it be connected to the pond or a separate thing with its own pump and water source ?? What about the sand ...will it mess up the pump ?? How do I keep it clean ??

Any advice to get me started in the right direction would be appreciated as I have NO idea how to put together this system and cannot find a thing on the web about it.

Thanks so much for any help at all...

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