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How can we improve this design and layout?

6 years ago

We are considering buying instead of building. The property is spectacular, but the house is not well designed. Unfortunately, the whole house was just remodeled a few years ago, so tearing it all down and building is not an option.

But we would want to make a few changes to improve the function and flow of some of the rooms (and possibly the entire upstairs).

The house has great views to the rear, but they didn't design the rooms to maximize those (i.e, the master is at the front of the house, not the rear).

The kitchen function-wise is merely mediocre and is lacking in cabinet space and has no pantry to speak of.

I'd like to get some creative thoughts on what could be changed to maximize views, function, and storage space.

What we are considering:

First floor:

1) Make "office" into family room/tv room

2) Change "family room" area into a pantry/butler's pantry/mudroom.

3) We definitely need some kind of drop-zone coming in from the garage. Right now, it's just open into the kitchen, so everything would fall on the kitchen table. I feel like there is wasted weird space in this area.


1) Finish the entire attic/storage area into a master suite, with walk-in closets and bath with shower and free-standing tub.

2) Enlarge bedroom facing rear

3) Enlarge or move laundry and/or bath (utility rooms are sucking up potential views to rear)

I am especially interested in ideas for laying out the master suite.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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