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How can I improve this preliminary layout?

11 years ago

Hi all! Hubby and I are close to selecting a house plan for our "forever" home, but I'm not thrilled with the kitchen as drawn. So, I'm trying to redraw how we would like to alter the plan before we solidify our purchase.

(Original plan here, if you'd like to see it:

Below is my rendition, but a little about us, first:
- 4 small kids, 2 cooks on occasion
- lots of large informal and family gatherings
- large garden/canning of veggies

What I love about the plan I drew:
- sunny/natural light
- sight lines: you walk thru a doorway and can see right out a window
- can recess the REF in to the hallway
- large island
- comfy (non island) seating for my elderly grandma to sit on while the younger women are in the kitchen

What I'm concerned about:
- having the main work triangle right in the middle of what could be a major traffic area.....unless I can train my kids to use the opening closest to the dining room! :) (Should I eliminate the doorway across from the laundry room altogether?)
- having ovens on other side of kitchen
- large storage pantry across the hall (I am a minimalist when it comes to "supplies" and we hardly use boxed/processed foods anymore, so this may not be as big a deal as it seems)

Here's the sketch:


This is what I'm thinking for the bench/nook area- a little bistro-type table with comfy window seat/bench:


Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

(Would have LOVED to do this on the entire west wall of the kitchen, but couldn't find a way to get it to work and still have a good work flow. If you can figure it out, please have at it!) :)


Source: via Kelly on Pinterest

And finally, a small glimpse on the left of what the built-in/pass-thru between kitchen/dining looks like, if you need visual clarification of it's purpose:


Source: Uploaded by user via Kelly on Pinterest

Any thoughts/advice/help you can give me would be appreciated! Thank you so much, kitchen experts!

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