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Preliminary layout for tiny galley - feedback welcome!

6 years ago

Hello all,

Thanks in advance for any suggestions on my proposed layout below! I'm closing on my house in mid-March, and am starting to think about re-doing the kitchen now. I will definitely work with a kitchen designer once I own the place, but until then I'm trying to figure out what could work.

The kitchen is a galley, and is tiny: 8'10" long by 9' wide. I will not be moving walls, but would consider moving plumbing/gas line (house has a basement so it shouldn't be too hard?).

The kitchen has openings (without doors) on each end as shown in the overhead graphic below - note, there are no casings/moldings on the openings, but I couldn't figure out how to do that in the software. To the right of the kitchen (we're imagining now) is the dining room - which is really an 'area' that is 10' long and 9' wide. It has a bay window that I intend to put bench seating under. To the left is access to basement stairs, and an external side door.

Cost is a factor: I want to keep everything (including labor, all new appliances) under $30K because I can afford that, and also it wouldn't make sense to put much more into this house (budget is 10% of house value). As a result, I'm leaning towards using IKEA with custom doors (Scherr), but would consider using the IKEA Bodbyn white if costs get out of control. Right now I'm leaning towards white shaker, even though I honestly prefer slab rift saw white oak - my thought being that the house was built in 1945 and is a small, cape-cod-like 1.5 story, 3BR/1BA modest home with pink tile bathroom (I'm keeping the pink mosaic floor, I love it!), and surrounded by similar homes. Plus, the house still has its original kitchen which is white slab front cabinets. But - design choices will come later after I sort out the layout.

SO: I have been playing with the IKEA software (see below) and have left room for fillers/panels (too hard to maneuver them into place with the software so use your imagination!). Please also imagine that one of the 18" drawer stacks is actually an 18" DW. I plan to do a smaller fridge (likely 28" wide - like this one: link to fridge ), but a normal size (30") gas range. For space reasons, I think I'm forced to do an OTR microwave.

I chose a 30" sink base (rather than 24") because going smaller didn't really change the IKEA cabinet configuration I could get (once I learned about fillers!) and even though I lose 3" of counter on each side, I think it's worth it becausewith a 30" base I can get a large one bowl sink, maybe with an accessory or 2 (cutting board, draining rack). I'd like to avoid using precious counter space for a dish drying rack (I hand wash pots/pans/half sheet pans). Also, a 30" base will enable me to have under sink trash/recycling, if I find a sink with a rear/rear offset drain.

What else... I am a single woman nearing 40, I like to host dinner parties and I enjoy cooking and baking (I collect baking cookbooks - no idea where I'll store them, have dozens). I also plan to have more summer BBQs as my new place has a huge yard and a large deck (yay!). Thanks for your suggestions!

Overhead view: shows doorways (no doors, no trim/moldings on openings).

Window wall:

Oven/Fridge wall:

Happy critiquing!


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