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The grand (tree) landscaping plan (phase 1)

So I've been planning and asking questions hereall summer and I finally have a rough draft for my fall tree planting plan. This year I'm focusing primarily on the East Side of the house. Planning to add alternating fast and slow growing trees. Plus just a couple of medium to fast growers in a couple other places. I've even included (roughly) exact measurements for where the trees should go (in feet). So here's a jpeg of my plan. Take a look and see what you think. Looking especially for recommendations on spacing. The trees in black are existing, and most are fairly young, probably no more than 10 to 15 years. With a few being less than 5. Red are fast growing trees, blue are slow growing. I just marked fast for the places I plan to put fast growers as I still need to narrow down the exact species. I've been offered Catalpa, Silver Maple, and Eastern Redbud for free. Though I'm also strongly considering Red Maple in some form whether pure bred or some cultivar/hybrid such as October Glory or Autumn Blaze.

Note that on the east side I want to get a good patch of shade quickly near the existing Silver maple and White pine that are on the South side of the grouping; so I'm breaking the alternation of fast and slow there to put a fast grower near an existing fast grower.

I'm also considering moving the American Persimmon closer to the house, to 20 to 25ft instead of 30ft and adjusting the other accordingly. Or alternatively switching the location of the Sugar Maple and the Persimmon

So please jump in with thoughts, recommendations, and critiques.

The full overhead plan:

Zoomed in to the key area:

In case it's not clear the little numbers in blue and red indicate feet between trees.

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