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Crash course on doors? Pocket Doors, sliding barn door and swing doors

Katrina Tate
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I am pretty sure I can get two swing doors locally in NYC (need them to be nearly 8 ft high) but I have no idea where to start with pocket doors or which barn door we should order. I'm sure my contractor will refer me to someone but I need a crash course on pocket doors and barn doors. The opening for the bathroom is only 26" wide so the sliding track will be about 52" or slightly wider.

This will be a pocket door between the bedroom and kitchen.

There will be a pocket door between this walk-in closet and the bedroom with a swing door at the opening on the right.

Another view of the pocket door location (kitchen/bedroom) and swing door on the right).

The bathroom opening (behind the column in the center of the photo) will have a sliding door. That area will be enclosed once the new walls are installed.

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