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How to replace sliding glass patio door with pocket door ,LONG

16 years ago

We're building an addition to the house. One exterior wall will be shared. Access to the addition will be through an opening which is now a 6 foot wide sliding glass door (on a load-bearing wall).

I would like to replace this sliding glass door with a 3 foot wide pocket door.

The alternative is to have no door, only a 3 foot opening.

If I remember correctly from what I've read, the rough opening width of the pocket door needs to be twice the width of the door plus 1 inch, in this case 73 inches. Is this correct? How do I know what the rough opening is now, without removing anything from sliding glass door frame? That is, is it likely that the rough opening is sufficient already?

Also, in a reply to a question about installing pocket doors, sierraeast wrote

"The track should also NEVER be attached to a header in a weight bearing wall.

A secondary header should be installed with about a 1/2 inch clearance below the structural header. "

Since there have been no problems with the sliding glass door in 30 years, should I assume that a secondary header is already installed? (I know, don't assume anything, but I need to ask).

Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions. You folks are so helpful.

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