Installing regular swinging doors as barn doors

3 years ago

We're building a master suite and have two openings of the same size, side by side: to the walk-in closet and to the bathroom (see photo). The doors are already purchased and are 2'6" x 6'8" regular swinging doors similar to the photo. We'd like to install them as sliding barn doors with barn door hardware to save space. Has anyone done this? Would or could we trim them out? The existing trim that came with the house and which will be in the mater suite is three-step (also pictured with the door). It sticks out 5/8" from the wall. My contractor says that as long as the door jam decreases the rough opening by 3/4" all around we should be able to install the doors as barn doors. Would love to hear your thoughts. Sorry for the fuzzy photos - my camera's autofocus doesn't work so well anymore!

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