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Baby robin rescue - advice needed

vesfl (zone 5b/6a, Western NY)
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Robins were nesting in a small tree next to my entrance and earlier today I discovered a small baby robin on the ground. It was a nestling hardly 3-4 days old. We read at the Audubon website that it was fine to put it back which we did. There was no other baby in the nest nor on the ground. I was so excited to see the parent back in 10 minutes only and slightly later watched it feeding again the same baby robin. Then a few hours later I ran out the house because I again heard a robin's "nest danger" warning to see the same baby again on the ground with some stray cat coming near. The cat ran away right away from me and I didn't see any injuries from the cat so I assume I intercepted it on time. I was still disheartened because the baby wasn't breathing and frankly showed no signs of life, but it was warm and we again put it back in the nest. It was very late afternoon and I saw the parent again nesting on it but only tomorrow we'll see if it turned out to be alive or not. This hit me really hard and I have two questions.

- why is there only one robin baby in the nest (hardly 3-4 days old)? I read that usually there are at least two baby robins.

- what could explain that it fell from the nest twice the same day? It couldn't jump alone because it doesn't have developed wings, no cat could reach the nest because it's quite high, and we didn't see any crow or bluejay in the vicinity today. The nest was in excellent shape without any signs of disturbance. I wonder if it could be some other robins but I don't know if they attack other robin's babies.

All this was heart-breaking. I was so much hoping to see parents succeed after we successfully rescued the baby at first and also for them having such trust in me to nest in my yard, only a few feet away form my door. Please help with any advice so that I know for the future or, if this little one turns out to be still live despite the second fall, then how to help its parent to protect it.