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Almost final, final reveal of my tiny, tiny kitchen

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

So, after a year of gutting and rebuilding our never been touched 1972 house for a year, we move in tomorrow. I was hoping to post completely finished photos, but alack that is not how my life works so these will have to suffice. The only thing that is missing is the hood and backsplash. The hood we wanted won't work due to the pitch in the roof, so I think we are just going to go with cabinet fronts and a loner. The backsplash will ultimately be white back painted glass. Please be kind--I know it is small. The aisle is 48" wide and on the backside of the range wall are floor to ceiling cabinets that I am counting as part of the kitchen.

Thanks to to all for the advice given over the last, oh five years. I would have never learned about BlueStar, capture are or fire and ice had it not be for you folks so generous with your time and knowledge. I am not worthy.

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