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Tiny kitchen corner sink final layout needs a bit of tweaking

10 years ago

I need your assistance please in tweaking my final layout for my tiny kitchen. I ended up with the corner sink which I know a lot of you despise and it's the only sink but this layout will work best for me.

Background - 110x101 kitchen in small 1940s cottage with white trim, butter yellow walls shabby romantic home. 2 person household, not entertainers by any stretch of the imagination and lots of pets.

The tweaks pertain to what to do with the wall cabs.

The base cabs are starting at the left and working right (110x101) - 2 in filler (to be adjusted if wall is not plumb), 12 in fhd, 30 in stove, 27 in 1db, 39 in angle sink front, 15 in 4db, 18 in dw, 24 in fridge with a surround so I could get the deep cab up top and a 3 inch filler. As of now, we are playing with 2 inches on the short wall but some of that is being taken up fractionally with a dw countertop support piece and the fridge surround. We drew up the plan with an 18 in 4db but then ran into a problem when KD realized I needed a DW countertop support so as of now the 18 in 4db is a 15 in 4db and I will have a little bit left over between the wall and fridge which is fine since Fr requires a min 2 in clearance to open drawers properly when placed next to wall. Countertop will be granite or quartz.

The wall cabs starting at the left and working right are: 2 inch filler, 12 in left hinge, 30 inch vent cab, 12 in right hinge then a 30 in window where I did nothing, then a 24 inch lazy susan corner above the sink, and here's the trouble now since I kind of like symmetry - 15 in left hinge, 15 inch left hinge, 18 inch right hinge, fr surround, 24x24 deep above fr cab and 3 inch filler.

Would you combine the 15 and 15 or 15 and 18 cab to the right of the susan? The bases below are 39, 15 and 18 before the fridge surround.

Would you connect the stove area to the left to the lazy susan to the right? I don't particularly care for leaving the susan without a cab to the left but there is a window there so I have that limitation. We initially drew up a straight run over the sink to the corner but there is no way to reach that cab without climbing onto a stepping stool and/or the counter and I don't like that.

This has been a long road filled with many compromises and I am finally close to making this happen.

THANK YOU for your comments and thoughts. I am going to post a picture in a moment.

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