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Irrigation system - all zones quit - help please

7 years ago


We just purchased a home that came with a 7 zone sprinkler system. It was working fine until the other day when all zones quit working. Here is what I have done so far.

voltage test main unit - fine @24V

voltage test each zone valve - fine @24V

ohm tested each zone valve - fine each between 30-60 ohms

This includes a main valve and it also tested ok.


water is constantly trickling out of my back flow preventer when the system is off. No water comes out of it when the system is on. It is the type that stands about 5 feet tall, goes up and back down with a bell on top. I have allowed it to run for 20 min in this condition to see if I could spot flooding or something but I cannot. Since this is all zones not working I suspect the main valve but again the voltage and ohm reading (from the controller) all seem within range. What could be my issue?

General description of the system:

Irritrol 12 zone controller
main valve comes off the water meter. Meter is opposite side of the house from the controller, the back flow preventer is near the house on the side yard just up in front of the water meter that is located in the front yard near the street.

thank you for any advice.

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