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Please Help with Irrigation system for Veggie garden

15 years ago


I need some help with an irrigation system Im planning on installing for our veggie garden and berries.

The brown rectangles are the veggie beds and the berries are on the right. The blue line is where I was planning on running the underground pvc supply line. The little blue scribbles is where I plan on having a valve/spigot come up out of the ground to connect soaker/drip hoses to for each bed. I plan on having the supply line run underground to just below the spigot on the side of the house and just have a piece of house connected from the spigot to the pvc sticking out of the ground.

This is obviously not to scale, but I have labeled the lenght of each segment of the supply line in feet.

I need some advice as to what type and size of pvc pipe I should for the supply line. Anything else I should consider? Any improvement suggestions to the irrigation design? Anything you have to say would be appreciated.




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