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Help me decide where to put the wine cooler!

7 years ago

I could really use some opinions and perspective from some of you! I keep going back and forth on this, my designer says it's personal preference and my husband is fine either way.

Trying to decide where to put our 24" Marvel wine our walk in pantry or in the kitchen. I've attached layouts of both and a overall of the entire space (the overall plan is just for reference as details are on the specific spaces)

Initially, we were going to put it in the pantry. I will also have a 32" All Fridge (Electrolux) in the pantry. The pantry will include counter space, adjustable shelving and pull out drawers and baskets. I plan on storing non perishable goods, bulk type items, some vegetables and fruits (in the baskets) and seldom used small appliances.

In the kitchen layout, the wine cooler would most probably go in the second island on the non seating side, closer to the fridge/freezer. I plan on storing wine glasses either in the cabinet to the right of the cooktop or in the cabinet in between the stoves and fridge. Those doors will shut back into themselves and house my coffee station, mixing bowl and vitamix. As well as a shelf holding a small microwave.

As you can see, I have lots of drawer storage space in the kitchen. The more seldom used and oddly shaped items will go to the pantry. There is also a large hutch in the formal dining room for linens, serve ware, china, etc.

Just a few steps from the pantry in the family entrance, I have a large mudroom closet which will hold all the Costco size type overflow, like toilet paper and paper towels, batteries, and then other clothing/shoe/sports related items.

I hope I'm not giving to muc information, but trying to explain the whole setup. If you were me (from what you know and I'll gladly answer questions), where would you put the wine cooler? In the walk in pantry or in the kitchen?

We are by no means, wine aficionados, but would like to store our reds and whites in this dual zone cooler. We live close to wine country and like to serve wine when we entertain. I enjoy a glass here and there while cooking dinner as well.

Thank you for reading through my post and any suggestions, feedback or opinions you have!!

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