Bad Friday, RIP Miele Little Giant Vented Dryer :(

5 years ago
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Finding a silver lining....I suppose our 100-109F days we have had (and will have until Sunday) are great for my, what looks like The Beverly Hillbillies at my house, line drying in the bathrooms, garage, backyard and behind the house :-O I have no dryer!!

Last week Miele Service came out to reprogram the Software on my PT7136 Plus vented dryer ($300!!). They also, free of charge, ordered new interior vents for better airflow. The machine had been giving messages after EVERY load saying Clear Airways, Check Airways and Clean Fluff Filter.

Miele Service said nothing was blocked, and the machine looks brand new & clean. They reset the Software, and all was good last Friday! Last Saturday...all error messages returned. I called Miele this Tuesday, and they returned this Thurs (6/2). They installed the new vents, replaced a sensor, heater relay and reprogrammed the dryer. All was "good".

Thursday night....I noticed the dryer was running HOT.... like cannot touch the clothes or inside glass hot! Loads were baked, wrinkled and fried.

Yesterday, Friday...the dryer for 4 loads would get so hot, the dryer would shut down mid cycle, leaving clothes untouchable, burning, and looking and feeling just awful.

I called Miele. They said the Tech left notes saying 4-5 parts we need to replace. $500-800!!! :-O

While my Little Giant washer is new and under Miele 5 year warranty, my dryer is 5 years old with no warranty. We paid $1000 for the dryer, and already $300 for Service. It is just not realistic to spend another $500-800 on a 5 year old dryer, that only cost $1000. I feel very sad and upset. I know this is a "high quality problem", and most people in the world would love to have this kind of "problem", nevertheless, I am bummed.

I might, just might have done the repairs...but Miele could not come out for 25 days. 25 days without a dryer!!!! This was the straw, camel's back!! :(

We found an online retailer that has 5 NEW Miele Little Giant vented dryers for sale, same as we have, but the cost is $3000.00 each and NO warranty!! That is almost msrp when new years ago. Insane.

I was just going to order a reverse tumble GE dryer, but AlexChicago and my DH talked me out of it. It was $1100. much as it pained me and my bank acct. I called our local Miele dealer in Beverly Hills yesterday and placed my order for a brand new 2016 Miele Little Giant Stainless Steel Condenser dryer :-O Silver will now 100% match our Little Giant Stainless Steel washer ;)

BEYOND nervous to have a Condenser dryer, as I have always had vented. After 457 questions to my beloved AlexChicago...he has quieted most of my fears. Alex and I will now have IDENTICAL Little Giant machines!!!

I'll keep you posted. Miele is set to call me Monday or Tuesday. I did receive an email from West Coast Miele that my order for the LiGi dryer was entered in the Miele database!

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