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My 2 project gardens

Many of you are aware that I take care of 2 gardens away from home. The garden up at my Church and a small garden where I work part time. Here's some pictures I took today.

Church garden;I put in several mini's and miniflora's. Most of them line a walkway leading to the children's Sunday School area. The kids love them. Roses, their size.

I Believe in You (miniflora). This is a great rose.

Ambiance (miniflora)
Good old Mountain Dew (miniflora)

Odessa (mini)

Kristen (mini)
Grocery store mini
Rosa Rugosa. Planted as a trig last summer out by the north entrance to the parking lot. I really like these Rugosa's for ease of care. Stick it in the ground and get out of the way.

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