Utterly Disgusted - Fed up with this builder - When wil it end!!!!

5 years ago

Sorry all.. I just needed a place to vent.. As I posted in a previous post, we had an issue with the water company a few weeks ago.. There was a problem when they were getting ready to redo the sidewalks where a leak was found from the main water line to the house.. Anyway.. the water company disconnected the line and we had to wait.. During this there were several sub contractors in the house.. Well.. We went to the house and when I was near the powder room I noticed the door was shut.. I opened it up and was about ready to throw up.. There was a horrible smell coming from the toilet.. Upon further inspection it appeared that one of the sub contractors urinated in the bathroom but was unaware that the water was shut off and the toilet did not flush.. I told my builder about it and I go back to the house now that the water is on and see that the toilet has clean water inside but the outside looks like it is covered in s%^t.. It is absolutely disgusting.. I don't think the builder did anything about it when I first told him and now I think he is just waiting until the house is complete so his cleaning crew will take care of it.. What annoys me is that they told us during our first meetings that they would have a port-a-john on site (which they do) and all workers use that and do no use our bathrooms.. Now listen, I am a realist and know that workers will sneak and use the bathroom.. But to leave it in this condition?? Absolutely disgusting.. I am waiting to hear back from my builder but this is just disgusting.. My wife was horrified when she saw it and the first thing she said "I am never using that bathroom".... Anyone else have a problem with subs using the bathroom like this? I can't believe that this would be accepted anywhere.. My wife wants me to demand that they put a new toilet in which I think might be a little overkill.. Maybe a new seat.. But that is besides the point.. How do you label yourself as a "luxury home builder" and leave this for your client to find?

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