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LG Horrible Customer Service

8 years ago

After a long time saving, a year and a half ago with my wife and I built our dream kitchen. However one mistake was made, we purchased all LG appliances.

About a week ago we noticed the floor swelling, and after pulling out the refrigerator a faulty oddly sized O-ring was discovered. This caused a considerable amount of damage to the kitchen. Phoning the local handyman I found out LG will only issue parts through one of their vendors.

After phoning LG I discovered one of these vendors also must come to the sight, charging $195 plus tax. I asked if I was able to just order the part, or find out where I could buy it, and was told that was not possible. All of LG's customer service is outsourced to a company in the Philippines. After asking to speak with a manager, I was promised to receive a phone call from an executive(who also was not an LG employee). This never happened, and I called back 5 days later.

I finally caved in and decided to buy the $195 O-ring(this will be the last LG purchase I make). Even this was a hassle, they can only book up to 5 days ahead their current schedule and 3 out of the 5 days were booked. They also could not give a proximity of when during the day they could come in, forcing me to take the whole day off work.

Refrigerator Model: LFX25778

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