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3 years ago

When we were building our home we turned to this community for so much advice and it was so appreciated. There is so much info out there that it can be overwhelming to navigate on your own. Or at least that is how I felt. So I wanted to return the favor and hopefully help someone avoid a mistake we did. We purchased a brand new full standing freezer and full standing refrigerator from Miele that were very expensive to say the least. Unfortunately, the freezer hasn't worked properly from day 1. We have tried multiple times to have Miele service this freezer. They came out and did something electrical which made it worse (went from not producing ice to completely unuseable). We lost hundreds and hundreds of dollars in food. We can not get anyone to come back out to fix it. We can't get anyone on the phone to help us. So I now basically have a very expensive useless appliance sitting in my kitchen. We are in touch with the BBB but I wanted to share this experience with others here in case it can save someone from the trouble we are now going thru. Do yourselves a favor and get a SubZero. We had one before and should have just gone with them again. Hope this helps someone.

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