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Layout help needed for tiny kitchen

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hi. I could really use some layout help please. I live in a
townhouse and have a very small, awkward kitchen. My original plan was to
update the appliances, flooring, sink, counter and backsplash, but now I’m
debating replacing the cabinets entirely. The cabinet boxes are in good
condition (similar to Ikea in style) and the doors are oak. They are thin
doors, but real wood and in great condition. They were pickled oak, but I refinished
them to a gray with an antique stain using a kit from Rustoleum and I love the
color. I don’t love the arch but I can certainly live with it. I don’t want to
spend the money on new cabinets unless it’s worth it, for example if I can
greatly improve the layout.

My kitchen has two angled walls which makes the layout
difficult. My biggest issue is the dishwasher – the door opens in front of the
sink so you have to stand off to the side a little to load. The dishwasher is
new, but now I’m wondering if I should have installed dishwasher drawers
instead to make the loading easier.

I cannot move walls, windows or doorways. There is a pony
wall between the kitchen and dining and I could probably remove that to
eliminate the peninsula. I am going to add 60” of cabinetry to the dining area
for additional storage, so if I removed the peninsula then the kitchen would extend
into the dining room a little. I’m not sure how that would look though.

I don’t know if I can move plumbing or venting for the hood.
I currently have an OTR microwave, but I am moving the microwave to the pantry
and will get a stainless hood. I don’t have to have my sink centered under the
window. It’s not now and I’m okay with that.

A little about me: small family of 2, one is away at college
so only home occasionally. I cook a lot, but there is usually only 1-2 people
in the kitchen. Function is most important to me, especially with storage being
at a premium in this kitchen. I don’t need to store food in this kitchen since I
have a separate pantry under the stairs.

Current appliances:

Fisher & Paykel CD refrigerator

GE 30” gas range, Café series

GE dishwasher

Please let me know if you see anything that can be done to
improve the layout. And thank you for your help!

Note: the photos are prior to move in, so not my stuff, and
the appliances have changed since. I’ve also included photos of the gray finish
on the cabinets. Also, the full floor layout is not fully to scale (my foyer is
not that big!)

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