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Need help with odd layout in a tiny kitchen

8 years ago

I am trying to weigh my options with a kitchen remodel. I plan on keeping my current cabinets and appliances, but will be changing the layout a bit because we are making some changes to the adjacent room.

Appliance measurements:
- Fridge 32"
- Sink 34"
- Dishwasher 25"
- Stove 32"

Things to consider:
- Door can be a sliding door or can be smaller if necessary. There is now a window where the door will be.
- The area in the sketch is all the usable space. I have removed all space that is used for walkways doors etc. (area to the left of the orange line.

Things I would like to accomplish if at all possible:
- Small space for a dining table. I understand that the space is small, so I will be using a bench against the wall that will do double duty as storage.
- As much counter space and storage as I can have, given my limited space.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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