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Installing laminate flooring over rigid foam insulation in basement?

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I need some advice! I cannot get a straight answer from the flooring company. I am installing Mannington Restoration laminate in our walk-out basement. We are putting 1" XPS or EPS down first to keep the floors warmer (and also hopefully help with condensing). Mannington just suggests installing on the concrete with their underlayment. We are not going to do that because it will be living space and floors will be freezing. Can anyone suggest how to install the flooring over the rigid foam? Should we use OSB or plywood over it? What width should this subfloor be and should we use one or two layers? Should be use tapcons to secure it into the concrete slab or should it just be floating? Do we need furring strips? Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated! Our contractor has never installed laminate in a basement like this (but does think it sounds like a good idea). Thank you!

ETA: We will also have a small basement of tile over the underlayment as well.

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