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It's February, 2016. How is your build progressing?

7 years ago

February- The shortest month (good thing, too!). Building does slow down during the winter, but it doesn't stop! I feel sorry for workers building houses this time of year, but they manage somehow.

Although our house is 'finished', I'm still working on it, going room-by-room doing finishing touches. I finally got our little powder room finished, and have a few pics. It's hard to get pictures of such a small room. The sink and wall sconces are antique. I had to buy a bridge faucet to make the sink work. You can't tell from the pic, but the under side of the sink is painted to match the walls. The little plates on the walls are Shenango (1940's?), and hang from a picture rail. Since the ceiling is 9'6", I painted the ceiling the same dark red as the walls, and put the picture rail molding at 8' to try to minimize the 'elevator shaft' effect. The little metal cabinet is temporary; it's a little too funky for such a finished room. There will be a small corner cabinet with a mirror over the sink when I get around to building it. For those that don't know me, I do all my own work, so it's a slow process!

But enough about me- How is your build progressing? These monthly threads are where we show off our pride and joy as it goes from bare earth and a pile of boards to a home where many happy memories are waiting to happen. We like pics of everything; even the empty lot!

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