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It's January 2016- How is your build progressing?

7 years ago

Happy New Year! That's the first time I've written '2016'- I had to think about it.

December got kind of slow on the building front, what with people thinking more about the holidays, and Old Man Winter looming. Here in the southeast, we've been enjoying VERY warm weather, and I hope the builders are taking full advantage. It's January 1st, it's 70 degrees in our house, and we haven't used the heat yet this season!

Our house is essentially done, although there is trim work yet to be done. That's the down-side of building your own house; you can always put things off. I really need to get those last little things done!

Enough about me. How is YOUR build progressing? Will 2016 be the year that finds you in your new pride-and-joy? Please share your story, and any pictures you're willing to share!

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