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It's August, 2016- How is your build progressing?

6 years ago

July was a huge month- 205 posts! Many projects are really moving along, and we'll have some 'graduates' soon. Make sure you post those final pictures!

The last piece of the puzzle we started some 10 years ago fell in place in July- I got a job! I found a very good job within 15 minutes of our house. It's probably the closest manufacturer to us. I plan to work about 5 years or so before retiring for good. We also added to our land, buying a small parcel from our neighbor. We have a 'flag' lot, with a narrow entrance, and the bulk of the land a couple hundred feet back. Our neighbor graciously sold us another 100 feet of road frontage, making our property much more valuable, and preserving the view off of our front porch so no one can build in front of us.

Enough about me- let see those house-building pictures! Share what you will about your project- the good and the bad. We're here for you! Welcome to the newcomers- jump right in!

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