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Partial remodel - please help me decide on removing upper cabs

8 years ago

We are doing a partial remodel to update the original kitchen in a home we purchased just about a year ago. We have been through full kitchen renovations in the past and have decided not to do a complete overhaul for many reasons. That said, I am looking for input specifically on how to handle the area around the kitchen sink and possible pendant lighting plans.

Our plans include removing the 4" backsplash around the entire kitchen (along with existing backsplash behind cooktop), and install a gray subway backsplash (paint on walls in gray although lighting is bad in photos below). We are also planning to makeover the island by replacing the corbels, adding some trim detail and painting it black. My final idea was to put two pendant lights over the island. I'm not sure whether that would help this situation or make it worse.

The two small, single cabinets on either side of the kitchen window are awkward. They aren't very functional, and I can relocate the items inside those cabinets very easily. My question is whether the kitchen would look odd if I just remove these two cabinets all together?

Note: this picture is a view as I enter the kitchen from the front hall. There is a long wall of bar cabinetry and another wall of cabinets with built in ovens to the left of what you see in this picture. If it would help, I can add other photos.

Here's a small mockup I attempted to make showing what it would look like without the two small cabinets on either side of the window. It looks extremely unfinished to me. Would art work on either side of window be an option?

We recently had some new window treatments put in to compliment our adjacent family room treatments. Sadly, the valance over the kitchen window doesn't look right and just draws more attention to the awkward area around the window and the two small cabinets. I apologize for the mess in the kitchen, but here is a recent photo with the valance over the window.

And the mockup without the cabinets in place. Art work on either side? Remove the valance? How would we handle the backsplash on this wall without cabinets?

Thank you for taking the time to look at my situation. I greatly appreciate any and all suggestions!

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