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BlueStar Oven Noisy

8 years ago

I just got a new BlueStar range top (which I love) and wall oven (30" electric with french doors)... which I would like to love but from the moment you turn it on there is a very noisy blower which stays on (separate from the convection fan: tek support guy says this fan is to cool the cabinet and the electronics) and stays on until the unit is cool (about an hour after use).

The oven is in a new construction 3-shipping container project and the kitchen is in one end of a container and the dining room is the other end. The oven can't stay as is and BlueStar tek support doesn't recommend using fire retardant acoustic foam (which is anyhow toxic) even outside of the encasing 1/2" plywood cabinet.

Looking for experiences by others and for suggestions for hi-end ovens that do not have noise issues. Any thoughts?

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