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Replace faulty new bluestar or get a different brand?

Re Eh
last month

My new gas bluestar (less than 6 months old) has been clicking. After multiple service calls (over 10) and 3 sets of new parts (no, I am not joking) - its still clicking.

We have been given the option to basically swap out for a new BS or get a credit for a different brand. I am at a loss.

- Wolf has low BTU at 15K max- whats up with that??

- Viking reviews are trash

- Theramdor and Fisher and Paykel have bad customer service reviews.

- customer service at BS was awful too!

I feel sick over this. I spent months narrowing down and deciding on a BS and am torn what to do. I just want it to work properly. They've already changed every part they can change multiple times.

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