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BlueStar oven won't relight

2 years ago

I've tried the local BlueStar servicer and after a full year I still have a non-functional oven. I've tried contacting BlueStar and no surprise, their customer service is pitiful. "Unfortunately your unit is not under warranty, and we are unable to troubleshoot or diagnose over phone or email". More emails have been even more frustrating.

The oven heats up to temperature then cycles off. It never cycles back on. If I turn the gas off and back on the glow light comes on and within 20 seconds it relights. Once it's back to temperature same thing, flame goes off and does not come back on. If I turn the knob all the way down then slowly bring it back it lights when I hit the current oven temperature, so it is detecting when it should be on.

That doesn't sound like the thermopile or it wouldn't light in the first place. Nor the thermostat or it wouldn't cycle off. It isn't that a part is too hot or turning the gas off and back on wouldn't make a difference.

This is their big one with two ovens. It's the large oven where you can see the gas ring in the back.

I rarely use the broiler, but turning it to BR does not appear to be working. As in, I don't see any flame at all nor hear the fan. As I don't use the broiler much I don't know if I'm supposed to see the flame when it's on BR.

I'd like to emphasize how unhappy I am with BlueStar not caring in the slightest that my oven doesn't work and I can't get one of their servicers to actually care in the slightest.

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