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Starting from scratch bathroom, need help!

6 years ago

Well, construction is finally started for the modifications to our first floor bathroom! We are having the half-bath expanded to a full bath to accommodate a roll in shower for my oldest daughter who uses a wheelchair.

This bathroom is currently being gutted and walls knocked down so it will be a clean slate. Which means, I have to select tiles for the floor and walls and paint color as well as overhead lighting and a mirror ASAP. I am feeling extremely overwhelmed and I have no idea where to start.

The floor tiles need to be two by two or smaller. They will go throughout the entire bathroom floor, including the shower bottom. The wall tiles can be any size. While this bathroom will be primarily used by my daughter, it is our only first floor bathroom so it is not specifically hers as anytime we have guests or we are on the first floor we will use it.

Ideally I would like it to be nice of course but not boring. So no beige or brown. My husband doesn't want me to get something too crazy. There is definitely a brown theme in the house, all of our trim and baseboards are white but we have darker hardwood floors and darker doors. I'm thinking maybe something fun for the floor and primarily white for the walls around the tub. Or should I go the opposite way? Something a little more colorful for the wall tiles and simpler on the floor? I just have no idea. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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