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Help me figure out my color scheme! I love my tile choice but...

6 years ago

Dear gardenwebbers with refined color sensibilities, please help me figure this out!

For my kitchen (which is currently being framed), I always envisaged a white-and-marbl-ish look - white shaker cabinets with marble-looking countertop. The thing is that since we have no upper cabinets, I was planning a bold, statement tiled backsplash in the oriental/moroccan style all the way to the ceiling - the total surface is about 6 x 8 sq ft.

I've found the tile I love. And now that I am seeing it next to the marble and white cabinetry, I think white cabinets will be too plain. I feel like I will need some color in the cabinetry to counterbalance the brightness/intensity of tile. Maybe gray/light blue type thing? What would you do?

And another question. I'm planning to take my tall cabinets to the ceiling with heavy stacked crown molding like this   For those of you with non-white cabinets that go to the ceiling, what color is your crown molding? Did you make it match the cabinet color (whatever it is), or is it white? If white with nonwhite cabinets, does it look smooth together? Help me!

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