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1990s Kitchen that needs some love!!

8 years ago

Hello, I'm new here and my name is Mandee. I am moving into
a home of my friends that needs some updates but I don't have the money to hire
people. Plus, I love to DIY and my husband is very handy. We have a lot of
tools. We are technically renting and he's giving us a great deal on rent since
we will update it as much as we can. He pays for the materials, but I don't
want to go overboard on him. There are sooo many things that need to be done
though. He wants to sell the house in a few years and we MAY buy it, but we may
not. So we have to stick to things that buyers will like. So no crazy paint
colors. Neutrals. :/

It's 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths. It has a full finished (but
horrible) halfway underground/half not basement. There's only one bed and one
bath on each floor. About 3000 sq ft total on 5 acres of land. Some people have suggested that we go with a modern look. I think that is what we will do.

I need suggestions for lots of rooms in my new house so you will see my posts on other forums here. Most importantly, the kitchen. It's horrendous, I know. The house was built
in 1990 and has never been updated. I'm not so worried about the appliances
right now but they will be replaced with stainless steel. The cabinets
though... They are pretty ugly.

Pardon the mess, it's been vacant for a few years and he
hasn't cleaned it out for us to move yet. Not sure if you can tell, but the cabinets have rounded edges that are currently painted grey. If I painted them all one
color, would that look weird? What color should I paint them? Kind of have to
stick to "safe" colors so that the house will sell. Should I just try
to see if he will buy new faces for the cabinets? Hm. The countertops are horrible
but I'm not really worried about them right now.

I know that we definitely need to take out the fluorescent light fixture in the kitchen. And I'm wondering if we should take down the recessed light fixtures and spray paint them white since they are like an off white right now which seems to make them look dated.

The house is an open floor plan and the walls in the dining/living areas are a greenish color that is new, and in the daylight they look grey. I originally thought they were grey until closer inspection.

This is a view from the living room, the area with the white chairs is where we will put our dining room table. To the left of the dining room is the kitchen.

*Note that none of the furniture in the house currently is ours.

So the main things that I'm wondering is:

-if the cabinets can be painted as they are, or if we should try to get the owner to reface them. (the insides are in good condition and most of the bottom cabinets have pull out organizing baskets which is really nice)

-if we paint them, what color?

-what should we do for a backsplash that isn't too costly? paint a certain color, peel and stick tile maybe? or go with a cheap real tile that the owner will agree to buy? he wants the house to look nice, Im just not aware of his budget right now. He makes about $300k a year though and he has another house which is paid off. This house is almost paid off. we will want a backsplash that is durable. the cooktop is on the island so we wont have to worry about that messing up the backsplash.

-what can we do with the island cabinet where the bar is? just keep it white? or paint it another color?

-any other suggestions and inspiration! What style do you think we should go with?

Thanks :)

*I will post more pictures once we clean off the counter tops- probably this weekend.

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