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What would you do with this kitchen? 1990s Golden Oak

11 years ago

I've lived in this house for almost a year now, and finally have the time and energy to devote to the kitchen--most of my time has been spent outside in the yard. The house was built in 1995 and nothing was done in the kitchen from that time until I moved in. Unfortunately, a major remodel (the $15-$30K version) is not in the budget at this time-- maybe in 7-10 years, but I'm a cook and a baker and want a space that I like to use in the meantime. I probably have $3-4K to spend, not including a new range and hood.

That said, the builder-grade oak cabinets are staying, and I have replaced the flooring with Starloc (LVT) due to not wanting to fill up the room with more wood, and the difficulties of matching a wood floor in the other part of the house-- see the first photo for the current flooring. I also added hardware to the cabinets.

There is a question in here, I promise! I think what's left is some electrical work, including lights over the peninsula and under-cabinet lighting. The only appliances left to replace are the range and hood, so those are on the list as well. That leaves paint, counter top, backsplash, and the sink and faucet.

Would I want to look at a dark countertop or go something lighter like what I have? I'm worried that a dark counter top might be too much... but even though the kitchen faces North, there is a lot of light during the day time because of all the windows on that side of the house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Photos

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