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NEED ADVICE on updating 1990s wood trim, floors, doors, etc.

6 years ago

Our late-1960s house was remodeled in the 1990s. We moved in about 10 years ago. The entire house has wooden (now orange-y) baseboards, window/door trim, 6-panel doors, closet doors, pocket doors, bathroom/kitchen cabinets, etc. The kitchen, dining room, and living room have red oak floors that are now orange-y and not in the best condition. The rest of the house is carpeted. We've decided to replace the carpeting in an upstairs hallway, stairs/landing, and large office/multi-purpose room. We also plan to replace three old windows in the large office/multi-purpose room and guest bedroom.

After meeting with flooring and window contractors, we realize that we have some very big decisions ahead of us. (1) Do we put in new red oak floors and stain them to match our existing orange-y floors? Or do we choose a stain we really like and then refinish the existing floors to match? (2) Do we begin the process of replacing the orange-y trim with white trim throughout the house for a more updated look? Or do we live with our orange-y trim (which really limits our hardwood floor stain options). (3) Do we install white (vinyl?) windows to begin the process of transitioning all the window trim to white? Or do we install wood windows with orange-y trim to match the existing windows?

I guess the big question is do we (over the next few years) replace or paint all the orange-y wood throughout the house? [Note that this would include 12 (!!) nice quality wooden doors.] Or do we live with what we have and paint the walls to make the best of the orange-y wood throughout the house? Several photos are included below.

We want to replace carpeting with red oak hardwood in this hallway. Note the very narrow (and very 1990s) baseboards.

We want to replace carpeting with red oak hardwood in this room. Do we pick the hardwood stain we like and then paint/refinish all the doors and trim? Or do we match the new floor with the existing doors and trim? (We're definitely open to painting the walls - but paint color will depend on whether or not we keep the orange-y wood ...)

We want to replace the carpeting on the stairs with red oak hardwood. Do we try to match the pocket door stain and trim? Or do we paint the door, trim, railing?

All bathroom doors and cabinets are also orange-y wood. A dated look, but fairly nice quality wood. We're looking to update the bathrooms by either picking the 'right' wall color (to go with the wood trim and doors) or painting the cabinets, door, and trim white (and then painting the walls).

All of the windows in the house (except the three we want to replace) look like this: fairly nice quality wood but very orange! Should we re-stain or paint white? Or keep as is and find the 'perfect' paint color to go with the orange-y (and very 1990s) wood trim?

The photo below shows the reason why we really need to refinish the existing floors ... but which stain color do we pick? We would like the color to match the new floors we're putting in the hallway, stairs, and office/multi-purpose room. Do we choose a stain that goes with the orange-y kitchen cabinets? Or do we come up with a long-term plan to redo the orange-y kitchen (and bathroom) cabinets, doors, and trim throughout the house? Big decisions ahead!

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