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Meyer Lemon - re pot now? prune the roots?

8 years ago

Just wondering if now would be a bad/good time to re pot my Meyer Lemon tree. (same pot, just replace the medium)

I am in South Western Ontario (6B) and the tree has been inside for roughly a month. I re potted it in the spring, but I think I made a couple mistakes in that I didn't properly screen my pine bark. As a result I find that the bottom of my pot doesn't seem to be drying out as quickly as the top.

I have had a few leaves (maybe 12 or so) turn yellow and drop off since it's been inside. Really only a few a week. I think I might have a minor spider mite problem so I am attempting to correct that by spraying/misting water with a couple drops of dawn. The tree currently has about 12 various stages of fruit and it just flushed a bunch of blossoms.

My first question is whether or not this is an appropriate time to re pot it.

My second question is regarding root pruning. When/if I decide to re pot it now, should I trim any of the roots? If root pruning is recommended, should I also prune any branches?

I have no problem waiting out a few months, or waiting until I am positive to be mite clear, I just came across an abundance of coarse perlite and some better pine bark than I used in the spring.

I also have a Key lime that hasn't lost a single leaf at all and doesn't seem to have any mites (although I'm sure if the Meyer has it, the lime does as well). Overall it seems much healthier, but is in the same mix as the Meyer. I would probably re pot it as well at this time, unless it would be ill advised.

Thanks for any advice offered.

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