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Re-planting Meyer Lemon tree container

8 years ago

Hi to all in cyber land. I wish to re-plant my 4 yr. old Meyer into a larger container. It has been doing quite well this year. I am about to harvest
50+ fruits very soon as the weather is turning chilly and it needs to be
moved back indoors for the winter. The vast majority of the lemons are 95% ripened and I need to make this action happen soon.

My plan of action is to pick all of the fruit now,and then prune the branches and the roots before re-planting. I have read for hours about planting mediums, and with all of the opinions and confusion, I have decided to use Miricle Gro cactus-palm-citrus mixture.

I have the tree in a 20 gal container now and wish to re-plant into a 25 gal unit. I'am having difficulty locating a pot that large with handles for ease of moving it. I have found the fabric type with handles but I am not so sure that this is the way to go. Can anyone chime in and recomend a suitable home for my beloved lemon tree???

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